Monday, June 5, 2017

Summer Goals 2017

IMPORTANT UPDATE- Brian and I went to lunch today as our 15 year anniversary was yesterday. It reminded me that last summer, we made goals to do couple things last summer on our summer goals and they didn't happen! This summer, I'm determined to try again! Here are two simple goals that I hope we can do:
1. Go out to dinner just the two of us
2. Go to a movie

Each summer Brian and I do a one-on-one thing with each child. Ever since Cian was born back in 2009, we've made one-on-one times a priority. As we grew to a family of 5 kids, arguably, it's even more important. We decided about 5 years ago when Ellie was a baby to make it a point to EACH do something special with EACH kiddo. Every summer, I post that list on my blog and enjoy marking when we've done them. (I like lists, what can I say, lol!) We also have them do one that is free and one that is paid too on their one-on-one goals.

Family Fun Goals:

1. Go bowling as a family
2. Go see Despicable Me 3 as a family
3. Go see fireworks
4. Mom take the older kids to a summer $1 movie at the theater
5. Go play mini-golf & get Cherry Berry frozen yogurt 


Grace & Mom-  Go see Kidnap movie

Grace & Dad- Go biking


Cian & Mom- go see Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul movie  ⇃  6/7/17

Cian & Dad- go see Cars 2 (free one!)  ⇃  6/25/17 See a blogger's post about it here:

Brian doesn't have a smart phone, so it's kinda blurry ;)


Zoe & Mom- see Emily in Mama Mia

Zoe & Dad- yearly tradition of getting shaved ice


Ellie & Mom- go see Beauty & the Beast at the theatre ⇃ 6/10/17

Ellie & Dad- go to get shaved ice


Fionnuala and Mom- go eat Pizza Hut

Fionnuala and Dad- go to the playground

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