Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Super SIX Birthday Boy!

Today is Cian's 6th Birthday!

My little boy is not so little anymore! He is 6 years old and all 6 years have been such a blessing in our lives. That "little" 9 lbs 13 oz baby has brought endless smiles, laughter and love. He is this great mix of an "all-boy" boy (which is a good when he has 3 sisters!), yet is such a kind, sensitive soul. He is my one who will tear up during movies such as Up! or Toy Story. He is smart as whip and keeps me on my toes! The compassion in this tiny little guy moves me to tears. I am truly blessed to be his mother!

Some fun activities for Cian's birthday:

We were excited my brother and mother joined us for Thanksgiving last weekend and we had a great feast. (Since we celebrate his birthday near Thanksgiving every year I always wonder if he thinks the meal is for him! Next year when his birthday is ON Thanksgiving, I'm sure that will be really confusing, lol!)

After we were as stuffed as a turkey, he opened some presents:
Posing with a present
Pillow Pet T Rex!

(Note to self: Get Ellie a box for Chirstmas, lol!)

Today, on his actual birthday, we attend a homeschool field trip to a vet's office. It was very fun! 

X-ray of a pregnant dog!

Kitty Ultrasound!
Operating Room

Then after the field trip, some of the families were able to come to McDonald's with us to play in the kids' area and enjoy some Cars cupcakes!

Yep, I think he had a fun birthday!

Friday, November 9, 2012

To Space! Then: bubbles, water, air, and more!

We had a BLAST at our field trips this week!!

This week the kids and I attended a homeschooling group field trip to the Planetarium! It was out of this world! (sorry, couldn't resist!)  The kids had so much fun!! They had been to a star lab earlier in the month and we had borrowed the DK Children's Night Sky Atlas from the library so they were super excited to go!!  Even Zoe was a huge fan!! The kids got binoculars as souvenirs and have been examining everything since!

Today, we went on another field trip to a Children's Museum! They played in the bubbles, loved the water table, went shopping in the grocery store, flew an airplane, made Italian ice cream, fixed a car, were on the news, and more! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE children's museums!! 

This was also Ellie's 1st time to actually get down and RUN and PLAY!

Puppet show
Watching the squirrel outdoors
They had a blast with the pin board

Each of their hands in the pin board
Racing to beat the game

Grocery shopping

Wonder if she's suggesting I'm behind on the laundry?!

Bubble Table

Water table

Growing a garden

Fixing the car

Zoe the EMT


Aren't you a little young to drive??

Ellie's favorite part- the babies. She only dropped the baby once... he's still smiling.

Cian on the crutches in the hospital area

Jumbo Operation Board Game!

"It's electric, do do, doo do do doo do"

Cian and Grace as the news anchors

Cian and Ronald
Zoe and Ronald

Ellie to Cian, "Look out Cian, it's a creepy clown!!"

Homeschooling in Pictures

Just a typical day in photos

Cian and Zoe doing the TAG USA

The kids love to have IPAD in their daily schedule

Grace & Cian are on the computer every day for typing or educational games etc..

Here's Grace attending her 1st online class

Of course they have "regular" work mixed in too!

My littlest monkey sometimes plays in her playpen

Lots of books!!!

A nap for Ellie IF I'm lucky, lol!

Usually some "car-schooling" as we seem to be on the go quite a bit!

And tons of FUN!