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Subjects 2017-2018

Here's a look at our subjects for 2017 - 2018.

A few changes I've made for this year:

  • Zoe & Ellie are going to wait one more year before starting La Clase Divertida 1. They have quite a few subjects each and there's no rush for it to be this year.
  • Cian is going to do a history separate from Grace. She's getting into their high school series and I prefer he wait to do them for 8th and high school also. He's going to do a new program I found that is like a Catholic version of Story of the World. I also love that it has a book, CDs of stories (I plan to have us listen to them on the way to tumbling class), and a DVD video review of each chapter. Zoe & Ellie will be doing it also, but not taking the middle school tests.
  • I'm going to drink the "Kool-Aid" and try IEW writing. I have friends that love it, but I run screaming from anything Classical style. I stumbled across a high school college prep literature series that come to find out, the IEW uses for their literature also. I guess it can't be that bad if a program I am so excited about uses it also. Cian hates writing. I was worried the repetitive nature of the IEW program would figuratively kill him, but I'm willing to try anything at this point. The child works multiple grade levels above on many subjects, but heaven forbid he has to write multiple paragraphs. One day the kids were given a skip subject pass of their choice, he did the history assignments, completed a multi-page study guide for science, and chose to skip writing a creative writing paragraph! I like that IEW can be taught to multiple ages at the same time, which I definitely have, and am going to bite the bullet and give it a sip...I mean try.
  • Grace will be in 8th grade, but starting many of her high school courses for credit.

2017-2018 Subjects

Grace – 8th Grade

Religion – Be My Disciples Jr. High: 1st semester: Liturgy, 2nd semester: Life in Christ 
Religion – The Story of the Bible – Volume 1
*Math-   Thinkwell Algebra 1
Math- Mathematical Reasoning
Grammar-  Easy Grammar Ultimate Series – Grade 8
Vocabulary- Wordly Wise 3000 Book 8
Vocabulary- Vocabulary from Classic Roots both A & B
The Secret Code of Poetry
*English/Literature/Composition- Excellence in Literature – English 1
Writing- IEW – SWI - B
*Science- DIVE ICP with Physical Science – Concepts in Action with Earth & Space
History- Light to the Nations I
Geography- Map Skills G
*Spanish- Rosetta Stone Homeschool – HS Spanish I
Critical Thinking- Test Prep SAT Vocab
Critical Thinking- Fallacy Detective
Arts Instruction- Drama classes
PE- Tumbling & Dance classes
Music- Piano & Voice Lessons

*High School courses for high school credit

Cian – 6th Grade

Religion – Image of God 6
Religion – The Story of the Bible – Volume 1
Math-   Singapore Math 6A & 6B
Math- Mathematical Reasoning
Math- Math Detective A1 (2nd half)
Grammar- Michael Clay Thompson Grammar of Literature & 4Practice for Literature

Vocabulary- MCTLA Vocabulary of Literature
Vocabulary- Wordly Wise 3000 Book 6
Poetry- MCT LA: Poetry of Literature
Spelling – Building Spelling Skills 6
Literature -  6th Grade Book List & MCTLA Classics: Time Trilogy set
Reading Comprehension - Reading Detective A1 (all)
Writing- IEW – SWI - B
MCTLA Writing for Literature (reading only due to using IEW also)
Typing- Typing CD-ROM
Science- Behold and See 6
History- The Story of Civilization I
Social Studies- Daily Skill Builders 5-6th grade
Social Studies- Core Skills Social Studies – Grade 6
Geography- Maps, Charts & Graphs F
Spanish- Rosetta Stone Homeschool version a couple times a week
Health- Choosing Good Health
Critical Thinking- Building Thinking Skills Level 2 (finish any lessons left)

Critical Thinking- Fallacy Detective
Music- World’s Greatest Composers
Music- Piano Lessons
Arts Instruction- Drama classes &  Homeschool Art class
PE- Tumbling & Dance classes

Zoe – 3rd Grade

Religion – Faith in Life 3 & Gospel Treckers books 
Religion – The Story of the Bible – Volume 1
Math-   Teaching Textbooks 4
Math- Mathematical Reasoning
Math- Kumon Word Problems 3
Grammar- Easy Grammar 3
Spelling– Building Spelling Skills 3
Reading- 3rd Grade Reading List with Book Reports
Reading- Portraits of American Girlhood Year 2
Reading Comprehension – Reading Detective ¾ (1/2 of it)
Reading Comprehension – Reading Comprehension for Young Catholics
Vocabulary- Wordly Wise 3000 Grade 3 
Writing- IEW – SWI – B (supplement with Level A worksheets per website as needed)
Handwriting – D’Nealian Handwriting Cursive ABC Book
Science- Behold & See 3
Science- Core Skills Science Grade 3
History- The Story of Civilization I
Social Studies- Daily Skill Builders 3-4th grade
Social Studies- Core Skills Social Studies – Grade 3
Geography- DK Geography 3 
Geography- MAPS, Charts & Graphs C
Health- Health, Safety, and Manners 3
Health- Health for Young Catholics
Critical Thinking- Building Thinking Skills CD Level 1
Music- World’s Greatest Composers

Music- Piano lessons
Arts Instruction- Drama classes & Homeschool Art class
PE- Tumbling & Dance classes

Ellie – 1st Grade

Religion- Be My Disciples 1
Religion – The Story of the Bible – Volume 1
Phonics- Pearson Phonics B?
Grammar- 180 days of Language 1st Grade
Reading Comprehension – Time Comprehension & Critical Thinking Grade 1
Spelling– Building Spelling Skills 1
Vocabulary- Wordly Wise A & Vocabulary Tales
Handwriting- D’Nealian Grade 1
Journaling- K-2 writing prompts
Science- Behold & See 1
Math- Horizons Math 1
Math- Mathematical Reasoning
History- The Story of Civilization I
Social Studies – Core Skills Grade 1
Geography- DK Geography 1
Geography- Maps, Charts & Graphs A
Health- Health, Safety, and Manners 1
Critical Thinking- Kumon Logic K & up
Critical Thinking- Mind Benders CD
Music- World’s Greatest Composers
Arts Instruction- Drama classes & Homeschool Art class 
PE- Tumbling & dance classes
Virtues books & random phonics workbooks

 Fionn – 3-year-old Preschool

Religion – Image of God – Preschool A
Religion – The Story of the Bible – Volume 1
Letter of the Week Preschool Curriculum
Reading – CVC word games and phonic readers
Handwriting- D’Nealian Handwriting for Preschoolers Book 1 & 2
Math- Mathematical Reasoning
Critical Thinking- Kumon Pre-K Logic
Kumon Let's Sticker and Paste
Kumon Let's Cut Paper
PE- Tumbling & Dance classes

Random Getting Ready for Kindergarten workbooks across this and K4 year

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