Sunday, November 29, 2015

Advent 2015

A friend had asked me this week for the link to a blog I did a few years ago about our advent traditions. Click here:
if you'd like to see some of them!

I couldn't believe how little the kids looked! Ellie and Fionn also weren't in any pictures, well, Fionn wasn't even conceived, lol! I decided to take a few pictures today on the first Sunday of Advent to include those little cuties!

Here is Ellie and Zoe at our church's Advent wreath this morning:

Miss Ellie, who has a little purple obsession, is pretty excited during Advent. Each of the oldest 4 get a week of Advent to be in charge of the candles. Ellie went first and lit the first candle:

I took a group pic of the kids in front of the tree:
However, we don't turn the lights on until the 2nd Sunday of Advent so it'll remain like this except for our quick picture cheat. Lol. 
We also keep an empty manger below the tree. The kids have Mary and Joseph starting on their journey on our piano this year. ;-)

My favorite photo, that inspired this blog post, was this photo! Zoe showed me this when I woke up Sunday morning. She had drawn the order of the candles for Ellie so she'd know the order and which kid in our house would light them. 

O come, O come, Emmanuel