Friday, October 19, 2012

Llama, Llama, 4 kids and a Mama

More field trip fun! Llama style!

Yesterday, we went to a llama farm!! It was so much fun! A homeschooling family invited other homeschooling families to come see her family's llama farm! It was a great trip and the kids had a blast! The oldest three loved the llamas. Ellie loved trying to eat rocks. She did want to pet the llamas though once the other kids did!!

The kids had fun learning all about llamas.

Nope, they didn't spit!

Cian was so interested! He kept trying to get a closer look!!

Of course, the best part was when the kids got to pet the llamas!

Fire Dog Fun

Getting Ready for the Fire Station Tour!

Next week we will be going to tour the fire station! The kids have been super excited! I found a preschool pack for Zoe with firefighters and she has enjoyed that this week! We also talked about having 2 ways to get out, where we would meet, and what to do if there is ever a fire. 

We made dalmatian pudding! It was delicious! 

We also made a firetruck with footprints! 

Ellison's tiny firetruck footprint

This is Zoe's with her added art and name
Cian's with his added art
Grace's picture

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

It's Milking Time

Farm Trip for "F" Week

During Letter "F" week it worked out perfectly that we got the opportunity to attend a Farm Field Trip!

This was a field trip to a dairy farm to see how they milk cows and make cheese there too!!

Zoe standing where they milk the cows!
I was really excited for the kids to get to attend this field trip! I remember when I was a kid and would go stay with my aunt and uncle during some summers and we'd get to go to my uncle's parent's farm! I actually remember "helping" milk the cows and how cool it was to see the process of the getting the cows to come in, hooking up the milking machine, the milk tank etc.. etc..

I think the kids had a great time! 
Well, the oldest three enjoyed the tour,
 Ellie slept through the tour! 

After seeing where they milk the cows, the kids got to see the calves:

Zoe and a calf
The kids were really excited to sample the cheese they made there:

They knew they were going to get to try the cheese, but they didn't know they were going to get ICE CREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ellie woke up for the food!

Monday, October 15, 2012

"E" is exciting!!!

Last week we were on letter "E" and it happened to match up with some    EXCITING   Events!!

Besides the activities from her Letter of the Week curriculum, I try to add in some fun activities and foods for Zoe's weeks that match her letter theme. 

We went to a petting zoo and they actually had an EMU!

With Zoe's big sister Grace

We used ELBOW macaroni!

Here it is in YUMMY homemade elbow macaroni and cheese:

Here it is in (not so yummy) glue!

Besides the E.L. Fudge cookies, we were really struggling to come up with "E" snacks...... until......

we found it at the fall festival we went to:


Becoming Butterflies

If you saw our blog, "C is for Caterpillar," you saw that the kids were excited to watch the metamorphosis process! Well, we have butterflies!!! Here are the pictures!!

It did not take long for those little eaters to get fat!
The kids were SO excited because it said in the information sheet that there are 5 caterpillars and they guarantee that 3 of the 5 will survive. We got SIX caterpillars and all 6 survived! 
Our 6 pupa- one's on the back

"Look MOM! We have a butterfly!!!" 

Close up of one of the 6 butterflies
The kids named their butterflies:
Grace named her two butterflies Flitter and Glitter.
Cian named his Max and Sam.
Zoe named hers Rachel and Rainbow Dash.

Getting ready to release the butterflies

Releasing the butterflies:

 If you look closely you can see the butterflies fly out!
In the first picture below, it is right above the butterfly bag. The 2nd picture it is straight above the bag even with the white edge of the house.

Watching them fly away
That tiny spot in the sky is one of the butterflies


Here is their caterpillar art projects!

Duh Dun, Duh Dun, Duh Dun

YEP. Sharks! 

We took a field trip to see and touch SHARKS!

Sharks and stingrays to be exact!

Okay, so it was not actually the man-eating great white shark.

And the stingrays had no stingers.

 BUT, the kids still got to touch sharks and stingrays!!!
Cian touching the shark!
One of the stingrays

Cian has been dying to see this exhibit! He just LOVES sharks!! This has been his favorite field trip by far!!

Cian and the stingray

Grace waiting to feed the stingray

Zoe touching the shark

Grace touching the stingray