Monday, June 5, 2017

Summer Goals 2017

Each summer Brian and I do a one-on-one thing with each child. Ever since Cian was born back in 2009, we've made one-on-one times a priority. As we grew to a family of 5 kids, arguably, it's even more important. We decided about 5 years ago when Ellie was a baby to make it a point to EACH do something special with EACH kiddo. Every summer, I post that list on my blog and enjoy marking when we've done them. (I like lists, what can I say, lol!) We also have them do one that is free and one that is paid too on their one-on-one goals.

Family Fun Goals:

1. Go bowling as a family
2. Go see Despicable Me 3 as a family
3. Go see fireworks
4. Mom take the older kids to a summer $1 movie at the theater
5. Go play mini-golf & get Cherry Berry frozen yogurt 


Grace & Mom-  Go see Kidnap movie

Grace & Dad- Go biking


Cian & Mom- go see Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul movie  ⇃  6/7/17


Zoe & Mom- see Emily in Mama Mia

Zoe & Dad- yearly tradition of getting shaved ice


Ellie & Mom- go see Beauty & the Beast at the theatre ⇃ 6/10/17

Ellie & Dad- go to get shaved ice


Fionnuala and Mom- go eat Pizza Hut

Fionnuala and Dad- go to the playground