Thursday, September 19, 2013

I'm expecting everyone will want to read this one

Let's try that title again with punctuation!

I'm expecting!!! Everyone will want to read this one!

You read it correctly! We have decided to add one more to our family. :-)

Here is how we told the relatives:

I was tempted to use this funny one I caught on camera. Definitely not flattering to Ellie, but hysterical! Of course, she has no idea what her shirt says nor what the sign means, but since she "rules the roost," her not being the baby will be a VERY good thing ;-)

My blog readers will probably have notice it has been almost a month since I last posted. Well, that is because I have been soooooo sick. If I ever have 10 free minutes I prefer to curl up in the fetal position on the couch- blogging has not been on my top "to do list."

I'm on Zofran - the highest level one. And my doctor is letting me take it every 5 hours instead of every 6-8, so that helps. (Except when I puke it up - sorry TMI.) My OB has now written me the dissolve in the mouth one, so I cannot wait to fill it when my insurance company lets me get a refill (they are pretty strict on the days it should last and getting it only near then.)

And yes, I have already had to do the IVs again. This new doctor had me check into the hospital and do the regular sugar water one, but then made me stay for an 8 HOUR one! I've never had to do that before. The only cool thing about it is that it looked like Mt. Dew! That would be an IV I would love, lol!

But, that same day I was chillin' at the hospital all day and feeling dehydrated and crummy, I got my perspective set straight. I didn't have to stay, I am not seriously or terminally ill, and I didn't have to have surgery. I was there because I am blessed to be growing a precious new life. We got to have baby's 1st ultrasound while we were there. (Side note- my doctor thought it might be twins since I have been SO sick! It is NOT!) We were excited to see one beautiful little baby on the ultrasound screen:

He or she waved their cute little 9 1/2 week arms at us, and the hormonal mess I am cried with joy. What an amazing gift life is. How blessed we are that God has given us this great joy.

For those "Nosy Nellie" folks out there, I'll save you from asking your tacky question. YES, we planned to have another baby. YES, we can count and know this is baby #5. And yes, it's okay if you "don't get it."

I went to pack up Ellie's baby stuff as a friend of mine is expecting and I thought she might be able to use some of it. I sobbed and sobbed. Something in my heart and soul knew that that chapter of our life wasn't over. We talked and prayed and felt if God was placing this in my heart that there must be something to it. There is a beautifulness to being open to God's will and placing that trust in Him. God has blessed us with another child and we are humbled and honored to be parents again.