Wednesday, January 20, 2016

We're Going on a Bear Hunt

Each week in the K4 program I pieced together, we do a literary or fun packet to go with our reading/phonics/sight words work. Our packet this week is "We're Going on a Bear Hunt."

In addition to the free packet I found from Homeschool Creation, link here:

I wanted a little more for Ellie to do. We watched the Michael Rosen YouTube video and I searched TeachersPayTeachers for some fun free resources. I ended up finding 3-4 excellent resources (all pinned to my K4 Pinterest board if interested), but by far, her favorite was this one from TPT by the seller TeachEzy:

The Bear Hunt

They had to recall the story order with little story hints and glue stick them on the map. Zoe even joined her in making one! Then they took the maps and are creating a play. :)

Off they go!

Oh no! A 'baby' bear got her:

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

South America

Zoe and Ellie finished South America:

Epiphany Traditions

Our family loves to celebrate Epiphany or Three Kings Day as you might have heard it called. Celebrating the day the three Kings visited baby Jesus. We traditionally make a King's cake. Here's last year's cake: 
 In year's past the kids have worn crowns from Christmas crackers or craft kits: 

But my favorite tradition is the blessing of the home by chalking the entryway. For years now, we have done the traditional doorway blessing with the current year and the initials of the 3 Kings or what is also "Christus mansionem benedicat," “May Christ bless the house.”

Check out this photo that was in my Facebook memories from 2012, Zoe looks so little! 

You'd normally put it above the doorway, but we like each kid to be included, so we just pick a spot by the door or on the door where they can reach:
This year, Brian had to help Fionn since she can't write, lol:

Here's the other kids taking their turn:

I was super excited that this year we received chalk at Mass with this nice little insert explaining the tradition for those new to it. 

We also save a gift to give on the day we celebrate Jesus receiving gifts from the magi. Here's a pic from a few years ago: 

This year the kids got this doll house we picked up at a yard sale. It's new to them! And they are loving it!