Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Toddler with an Entourage

All four of our children have taggie blankets with their names on them. I had hoped that one of them would take to it and keep it as a lovey.

Grace, Cian and Zoe all wanted no lovie, taggie blanket or otherwise. Ellison, unfortunately, doesn't like her taggie blanket either, but is the total opposite of her siblings regarding lovies.

Ellison has an entourage!

She refused to go to bed unless she has her whole entourage present and accounted for!
It must include:
her new Olivia the pig lovie she got for Christmas, an empty sippy cup bottle with a Percy from Thomas the Train lid (no, no other lid is acceptable, we have tried!), a small pink poodle, her pink dog she named Emily, Violet the leap frog dog, Mac from Clifford and most importantly, Cleo from Clifford.

Of course, this is in addition to her pillow with Diego pillowcase and Dora the Explorer fleece blanket and at least 2 pacifiers (yes, we wimped out and still haven't taken them away yet!).

Every morning she has to get all her "friends" to come out as well. Every day at nap time, they must accompany her to the nap, then they all come out again and they all go to bed with her at bedtime. Every one must be accounted for and in her bed or she won't go to sleep.

Guess I got my wish about at least one of them having a lovie.... I just didn't know she would have SEVEN!