Thursday, March 20, 2014

Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss Part 2

Here's a look at some of the fun we had celebrating Dr. Seuss and his birthday earlier this month!

Thing 1, Thing 2, Thing 3, and Thing 4

We got out our Dr. Seuss characters for reading these books:

A pinterest search led to some fun worksheets for Zoe:

I tried to get the kids to have green eggs for breakfast, but they WOULD NOT, COULD NOT want to try them. It took all day to convince them they would taste the same and just look green. By dinner, they agreed to eat them so we had breakfast for dinner:

(Okay, I know it is suppose to be green eggs and ham, but I didn't have any ham!)

 Just for Fun Photos:

Grace was NOT super excited about posing with Cat in the Hat, but she was a good sport!

Brown Bear, Tot School

Ellie is doing Brown Bear, Brown Bear theme this week. We have read the books about 50 gazillion times. We also did some cute tot school printables from the 1+1+1=1 website.

Here's a couple cute pics of her doing some puzzles:

Monday, March 10, 2014

The Babysitters Club Birthday Party

Grace wanted a Babysitters Club themed birthday party for her 10th Birthday. Shockingly, a Google search and a Pinterest search left me with no ideas or known parties. So, when in need of creativity, trust a child! Grace and a couple of her friends came up with the idea to all be characters from the books and to dress like them. They also came up with some awesome ideas for party events. I will describe them below with pictures!

Here are the invitations I made:

I took a photo of MY #1 babysitters club book and edited it to have Grace's name on it and instead of book 1, it says #10 since she was turning 10!

The inside of the invite:

I wrote each girl's name in page 2 and what character they would be at the party with a little picture of that girl from the book.
For page 3, I listed the events of the party as a table of contents and each event was a chapter and also listed what Babysitters Club girl it related to. You fellow fans of the books will get the connection such as Stacey's (who is diabetic) angel food cake. 

The back of the invite:

Again, I used a picture of my original book, but I added a text box to it. As you know, the Babysitters were always helping out and Grace wanted this party to be no different! She decided instead of gifts, she'd like to collect donations for a local food pantry so we added that to the invite.

Chapter 1- Dawn's Vegetarian Pizza

Here is a cute photo of all the girls!
Mary Anne, Kristy, Dawn, Stacey, Mallory and Claudia

Not a real contest, but I have to give a shout out to the girl who dressed the most like her character! CLAUDIA!!

Chapter 2 - Kristy's Babysitting Job

For this one, when we got home from pizza out, the girls were ambushed by Zoe and Ellie who were excited to have the big girls there to play with them. It was actually another great idea the big girls came up with! Since they are the babysitters, they have to "babysit" right?!
They played dress up with my little two:

Chapter 3- Stacey's Angel Food Cake

My mom made an angel food cake for the party!

The birthday girl and and her cake:

Chapter 4- Mary Anne's Makeover

Again, you book fans will remember that Mary Anne cut her hair.... WE DID NOT!
However, the girls did do each others make up!

Stuff I got at the Dollar store for this and the next "chapter."

Chapter 5- Mallory's Curls

The girls tried to do the foam rollers to get curls like Mallory. I think they decided to give up and watch the movie instead though. I did get them to pose for a cute photo and a few of them have the curlers in!
I adore this picture because it sorta looks like the book cover of the 1st book!

Chapter 6- Claudia's Junk Food

We got the snacks out and of course popcorn!

Chapter 7- The Babysitter's Club Movie

It was so awesome that the week before the party the Babysitters Club movie was on DISH! We taped it and they watched it at the sleepover!

Chapter 8- The Sleepover

The girls had a blast!

Amazing girls!

As you saw on the back of the invite, Grace had asked instead of a gift for her, to bring something for the food pantry. I was blown away with the generosity of these girls! We had only 5 girls and only 4 could sleep over, but look at the generous amount of food they brought! What a blessing to those in need!

An Out of This World Class

Grace and Cian were signed up for a homeschool space class at a local museum. I was also looking forward to taking Zoe and Ellie there just to play during the big kids class. Unfortunately, the flu struck me down that week and then got Grace as well. (Ellie had it first the weekend before, but she was good to go by this point.)
My super, amazing husband not only took sick days to take care of us, he took over as their teacher as well. I was sure he'd want to just skip their class (Grace and I couldn't leave the house, let alone our own beds!) But, he stepped up and agreed to take them!

The crazy part was Cian was the only kid signed up who showed up! INSANE! They didn't get the star lab out, but they still did the craft and ate astronaut food! Even cooler, they let Zoe and Ellie do the class with Cian.

Here are some fun pics!
Space Ice cream

Making a galaxy

Bowling Fun!

One of our homeschool field trips this year was to a bowling alley. The kids got to go in the back and see how the pins and ball return work. They also got to bowl a few games. Well, except for the little ones, their one game took as long as the big kids multiple games!

Little bowler  Ellie

Zoe's turn

Granny style?

Loading the pins

Heavier than it looks!

Zoe got to hold a PINK one!

Cian's up!

Bitty Bowler

Go Cian, GO!

Grace and her friends

Monday, March 3, 2014

#LAST of 365: Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss

So technically, this is picture 50 of 365. However, I decided that's all she wrote folks! I cannot keep up. Between the flu last week (myself and half the kids), schoolwork, and nesting for this baby, I decided to quit the 365 photos project. Props to my friends who are still doing it. I am going to let it go though.

I also noticed I have blogged less because I am so focused on the pictures. So, after thinking on it, I decided to quit the 365 project. I am sure there will be 365 pictures (at least) on my blog this year, but they will be in posts about things that are important about my life and our homeschooling journey.

I am currently working on posting pics from our bowling field trip (just the fun not the flu everyone caught!), my baby shower, a cool parenting themed blog one of my friends suggested, and soon Grace's birthday.

So one last hurrah- some fun Dr. Seuss items I got in the dollar bin at Target for school today. I also got Dr. Seuss bowls the kids are having with their snack today. I offered to make green eggs and bacon for breakfast as well. All 4 kids shot it down, lol!