Sunday, July 21, 2013

Dora the Explorer Birthday Party - THE DECORATIONS

Here are the decorations from Ellison's 2nd birthday party:

 We used this cute Dora theme for her 2nd birthday party. Here is the wrapping paper that matched everything else. I am a sucker for matching stuff, lol!

The plates and napkins were of this print too! I have them photographed on my Dora party post about the food. It is here!

I got this cute sign that you can add on the age to it: Sorry for the bad camera work, "Appy Birthday" LOL!

This also matched the theme and was just too cute! It was a photo backdrop! Here is Ellison in front of it:

I also purchased a banner for my fireplace:

I made some cute little signs by doing a google search for "free Dora clipart" and here is what I made:

I also made water bottle labels for the party:

By far, Ellie's favorite was her "Big Dora." She asked for "Dora cake" and "Dora balloons" for her party. This is an airwalker balloon that was almost twice the size of Ellie!

You can see how big she is next to the normal balloons:

Notice they match too ;-)

A big hug for "Big Dora"

Carrying around her big Dora & pin the tail on Swiper during her party!

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